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Calling the inner artist in us all

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Smiling girl drawing on sketch pad

Pull out that inner artist and let your kids keep a summer diary or have regular time to paint or draw. Change things up a bit and let them paint with their toes to help increase agility. Take your budding artist outside in the shade to avoid the indoor mess.

We suggest using butcher paper or poster board; old grocery bags also work really well. Pour a little paint on the edges of the paper and let the kids create their masterpiece. Use clothes pins to hang on the clothes line to dry. We also encourage kids to use watercolors, chalk, colored pencils, markers or crayons to create some new artwork for your fridge or bulletin board.

Have you considered encouraging your child to write a summer novel. Help them document their summer adventures so they can cherish them forever. If you try the penny hike be sure and encourage them to write about their adventures in their novel. This is something fun to look back on year after year.