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Pilates Can Ease the Mind & Improve Circulation

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Piltaes positions diagram

How often do you end up lying wide awake in your bed? With plenty of thoughts rushing through your mind about what time you have to get up, and exactly how many minutes of sleep you’ll be able to get if you fall asleep right that second, which we all know usually doesn’t happen, but how do we solve that? Pilates is one of the most recommended home remedies to help you calm down, ease your mind and even improve your circulation.

Here are a few positions you can try at home to help relieve your worries and get a good night’s rest:

The Full Roll Up:

Lie flat on your back, feet flexed and heels together. Reach arms up toward ceiling. Curl body up, reaching for toes. Curl body back down, reaching for ceiling. This movement elongates the spine, deepens the abdominals and stretches out the hamstrings, or back of the leg.

Spine Stretch Forward:

Sit up tall, legs open as wide as a mat, arms reach out in front. (Knees can be bent if you tend to be less flexible.) Inhale, lift the spine up tall. Exhale, round body forward, reaching toward toes. Inhale, roll body back up. Repeat 5x. This lifts and lengthens spine (counteracting all the sitting we do all do), improves circulation, centers our thoughts with mind-body focused movement.

The Swan:

Lie flat on stomach, forehead resting on hands stacked like a pillow. Deepen abdominal muscles. Lengthen your body up from the top of your head, as if you are growing two inches taller. Lower back down. Repeat 5x. Elongates every muscle of the body. We spend most of our day scrunched forward over a computer, steering wheel, phone. This brings balance to our bodies and helps prepare our body to find the more comfortable and natural sleeping position (not just the one it’s been frozen in all day).