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Trends Shaping the Future of Hutchinson Healthcare

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Healthcare is an ever-changing field and Hutchinson, Kansas is doing a great job at keeping up. Every year brings much new advancement, which tends to be very costly for healthcare facilities; however, these costs ultimately minimize errors, improve patient recovery and increase efficiency, creating a better experience for the patient.

“In the next 15 years alone, the worldwide population of individuals aged 65 and older is projected to increase more than 60%, from 617 million to about 1 billion. That leads us to beg the question: How can we ensure a high quality of care for our growing aging population while keeping healthcare costs under control?”             - mdlifesciences

Hutchinson Regional Medical Center has taken many steps towards bettering our patient experience. Telehealth has played an important role in bringing in specialists. Telehealth specialists have remote access to evaluate, diagnose and treat patients without having to physically be in the same room. The patient and physician chat live via video, which has played an especially important role in Western Kansas, given the distances between communities and the doctors they require for their specific needs. One way HRMC is using Telehealth is during treatment of the stroke process. If you attended our June 2016 First Course you saw it firsthand.

Hutchinson Regional looks forward to the future and strives to bring advancements to Reno and the surrounding communities. We look forward to sharing more of our practice improvements with you.