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Most people have the typical “unquiet mind” that never seems to relax. Even when those of us are occupied with long bike rides, a light jog, or cooking a new healthy recipe from Hutchinson Regional’s careful selection, my brain is distracted by anxiety. “Am I prepared for that meeting?” “What did it mean when that person said X to me?” or even “Will there be any cauliflower rice at the store tomorrow? What do I do if there isn’t any?”

In order to assist not only myself, but hopefully you as well in calming down, I have put together a short list of tips to relieve stress and focus on being “in the now”, hopefully these help:

  • Don’t pride yourself on being an advanced multi-tasker, this will only lead to more stress. Similar to trying to ride your bicycle across the street while reading a book about business; yes, it would be quite the feat – but how much of the book will you retain? And will you get your bike safely across the street? It’s okay to slow down and just do one thing at a time, more often than not, it saves us time and helps us retain information better.
  • Overdoing things can ruin so much – don’t let it control your life. Don’t overthink simple situations, a couple of red lights may make you a few minutes late, but you will still arrive. To relieve some stress or help release positive endorphins, try going on a light jog in the mornings – learn to accept the things you cannot change, and glorify the things you have absolute control over.