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Full Namesort ascending Specialty Phone
Robert H. Fleming, MD Cardiothoracic Surgery (620) 665-2427
Robert Epp, MD Ear, Nose, and Throat (620) 669-2555
Robbie O'Brien-Leighton, MD Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation
Richard L. Price, DO Emergency Medicine
Reagan Glover, MD Reagan Glover, MD Pediatrics (620) 669-2505
R. Mark Reed, DO R. Mark Reed, DO Family Practice (620) 669-6781
Prabhakar Swaroop, MD Prabhakar Swaroop, MD Gastroenterology (620) 669-2798
Paul Johnson, MD Gastroenterology (620) 669-2798
Patrick Fluck, MD Patrick Fluck, MD Nephrology (620) 669-2591
Naveed Salahuddin, MD Naveed Salahuddin, MD Rheumatology (620) 694-4096
Michael Wesley, MD Michael Wesley, MD Family Practice (620) 669-2512
Michael Schekall, MD Michael Schekall, MD Radiology (620) 669-2730
Michael Hagley, MD, FACC Michael Hagley, MD, FACC Cardiology (620) 669-2717
Matt Schlotterback, MD Matt Schlotterback, MD Family Practice (620) 669-6781
Mathew Voorman, MD Ear, Nose, and Throat (620) 669-2555
Martin E. Sellberg, MD, FACEP Emergency Medicine
Mark Yackley, MD Mark Yackley, MD Internal Medicine (620) 669-2533
Marci Eck, MD Marci Eck, MD OB/GYN (620) 669-2578
Lindsay Nordwald, MD Lindsay Nordwald, MD OB/GYN (620) 669-2578
Leonard Miller, MD Leonard Miller, MD Pediatrics (620) 669-2505