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Equipment Tips

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Bathroom Aids

  • Adjust the bath seat, tub transfer bench or toilet safety frames to fit the height of the appliance being used.
  • Grab bars must be mounted into a wall stud. A sheetrock wall or fiberglass enclosure will not support weight placed on a grab bag when it is being used for support.
  • Tub grab bars cannot be mounted on a fiberglass tub. Damage may occur when the tub grab bar is clamped firmly on the tub.
  • Always fasten the toilet safety frame and toilet seat riser securely to the bathroom toilet facility.

Walking Aids

  • Do not use a walker when climbing stairs.
  • Use caution with a wheeled walker. It can scoot or slip away from you.
  • Use caution with walkers and canes on a wet or icy walkway.
  • When using a folding walker is sure it is locked in the open position.
  •  Is using a three-wheeled walker learn how to operate the brakes properly to prevent falling.


  • Wheelchair Brakes
    • Wheel brakes may be adjusted for minimal tire wear.
  • Foot and Leg Riggings
    • Use the easy side access release to swing the footrest or elevating leg rest away from the person seated.
    • Foot rests or elevating leg rests may be removed on many models.
  • Removable Arm
    • The wheelchair arm may be removed on some models to provide easier transfer to and from a bed. Depress the button on the front lower area of the arm frame and lift.
  • Wheelchair Transfer
    • To fold the wheelchair for easy transfer to a vehicle stand beside the wheelchair and grasp the seat with both hands, pulling up. The foot rest or elevating leg rest may be removed to lighten the weight of the chair for loading.
  • Preventive Maintenance Safety
    • Clean the upholstery and chair with mild detergent and warm water. Dry thoroughly. We recommend having a Health-E-Quip representative check the wheel bearings and spoke adjustments periodically to prevent abnormal wear.

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