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Mental Health First Aid

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Youth Mental Haalth First Aid training

Mental Health First Aid is a groundbreaking public education program that helps the public identify, understand, and respond to signs of mental illnesses and substance use disorders. Mental Health First Aid USA is managed, operated, and disseminated by the National Council for Behavioral Health.

Mental Health First Aid is offered in the form of an interactive 8-hour course that presents an overview of mental illness and substance use disorders in the U.S. and introduces participants to risk factors and warning signs of mental health problems, builds understanding of their impact, and overviews common treatments. Those who take the 8-hour course to certify as Mental Health First Aiders learn a 5-step action plan encompassing the skills, resources and knowledge to help an individual in crisis connect with appropriate professional, peer, social, and self-help care

What you'll learn

Before you can know how to help, you need to know when to help. We call this mental health literacy – or a basic understanding of what different mental illnesses and addictions are, how they can affect a person’s daily life, and what helps individuals experiencing these challenges get well.

Who should take Youth MHFA

The course is designed for adults who regularly interact with adolescents (teachers, school staff, coaches, youth group leaders, parents, etc.), but is being tested for appropriateness within older adolescent groups (16 and older) so as to encourage youth peer to peer interaction. In January 2013, President Obama recommended training for teachers in Mental Health First Aid. Since 2008, the core Mental Health First Aid course has been successfully offered to hundreds of thousands of people across the USA, including hospital staff, employers and business leaders, faith communities, law enforcement, and the general public. 

Topics discussed:

  • Depression and mood disorders
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Trauma
  • Psychosis
  • Substance Use disorders


Youth: Beth Akins and Megan Smyth

Adult: Holly Adcock, Beth Akins and Lisa Lekan 

To sign up for a class email Beth at

For more information about Mental Health First Aid please visit

Upcoming Classes:


Friday | October 25, 2019 | 8:30 am - 5:00 pm
Trade Center Community Room | 1600 N. Lorraine | Hutchinson, KS



Trade Center Community Room | 1600 N. Lorraine | Hutchinson, KS

FREE for Reno County Residents and those that live or work in Reno County

$30 for all others (This course is valued at $170)

Fee reduction is in part due to generous funding by The United Way of Reno County.