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What To Do In A Crisis

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Our 24-hour Crisis Line is: 1.800.794.0163

When problems can’t wait, our Crisis Management Service is here for you 24 hours a day...ready to provide support and guidance...ready to help you sort out your thoughts and feelings...ready to help.

Crisis Management Services (CMS) is a clinical department at Horizons Mental Health Center. We understand that life can bring challenges which feel overwhelming. The CMS staff embraces the core values of Horizons including professionalism, compassion, integration and wellness.

You Should Call If:

  • you are thinking about hurting yourself or someone else.
  • you are under stressful circumstances and a telephone conversation with a mental health professional might help you find appropriate services for follow-up.
  • a brief, supportive telephone conversation could assist with coping or problem-solving.

When you call, a trained counselor will help you resolve your immediate crisis on the telephone...giving you the support you need NOW!

If you think you may be in a life threatening situation (including having suicidal feelings), a counselor may want to talk to you in person, at Horizons or in the emergency department of your local hospital. In rural areas, a therapist may meet with you using computer technology, allowing face-to-face interaction via computer and web-cam.

If your problem feels urgent, but is not an emergency, an appointment will be made for a follow-up visit the next day at Horizons, typically at the Hutchinson office. Short-term counseling and other services can be arranged for you to help minimize the potential for future problems.

Cost Information:
No fee is charged for telephone crisis coun­seling. Those persons meeting with a counselor, either through the computer, or face to face pay a fee which may be sliding, depending on family size and income.