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Board of Directors

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  • Angela Penner, Chairman
  • Susan Lynch, Vice Chairman
  • Shelley Coffey, Treasurer
  • Kathy Hamilton, Secretary

  • L. Michael Garrett, LCP, CEO
  • Veronica Amey-Perrin, MD, CMO
  • Ken Johnson, President & CEO Hutchinson Regional Healthcare System

Barber County Representatives:

  • Jane Frederick

Harper County Representatives:

  • Shelley Coffey

Kingman County Representatives:

  • Kathy Hurst

Pratt County Representatives:

  • Susan Lynch
  • Sara Wallace
  • Carolyn Youngers

Reno County Representatives:

  • Jessica Engelland
  • Kathy Hamilton
  • Angela Penner



Executive Committee:

L. Michael Garrett, M.S.
Chief Executive Officer

Dr.Veronica Amey-Perrin, M.D.
Medical Director

Brenda Brown, M.S., M.F.T.
Chief Operating Officer

MeKinzie Hudson