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When you or a loved one has a chronic respiratory disease, it may be hard for you to complete your daily activities and enjoy life. Where do you turn? Our Community Pulmonary Program can help. We believe our patients are the focal point of our team. We strive to provide individualized, patient-centered care and reduce avoidable hospital re-admissions.

Services Provided May Include:


  • Family and patient education related to specific healthcare needs and managing chronic illness
  • Help preventing re-hospitalization and emergency department visits
  • Encouragement to take an active role in managing your healthcare
  • Information on health warning signs and symptoms and disease exacerbation management
  • Medication reconciliation and adherence to regimen
  • Development of plans on how to cope with symptoms
  • Referral to community resources
  • Assistance with application process for services
  • Planning for the future, advanced directives and advanced care planning

How The Community Pulmonary Program Works


If you are or a loved one is suffering from a chronic respiratory disease, talk to your physician or call 620.665.2473.


Community pulmonary care is for anyone who has a chronic respiratory disease and is prone to recurrent illnesses resulting in frequent hospitalization or emergency department visits. Your doctor can determine if the Community Pulmonary Program would be right for you.


Medicare, Medicaid and some commercial insurances pay for the physician/APRN portions of the Community Pulmonary Program, which is funded in part by Hutchinson Regional Medical Center. An application for assistance is available to all who request it.