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The Heart & Vascular Center at Hutchinson Regional Medical Center is a patient centered department dedicated to the recognition, management, and treatment of cardiovascular disease. From echocardiograms to cardiac rehab, we offer the full array of heart health needs. We continually strive for excellence in cardiovascular care.

Our echocardiology program carries the IAC Accreditation seal. We offer exercise and chemical stress tests, echocardiograms, and transesophageal echocardiograms by experienced staff.

Cardiovascular Catheterization Lab

The cardiovascular catheterization lab offers cutting edge technology delivered with compassion. Our committed physicians and staff are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a years for the emergent cardiovascular patient. In our nine bed CSPA (Cardiovascular Special Procedure Area), patients are prepared for procedures in a comfortable setting. Families are able to wait in our beautifully inviting waiting room. Most of our patients are able to arrive, receive treatment, and safely return home the same day. We provide the highest quality rhythm management devices and defibrillators, along with minimally invasive implantable cardiac loop recorders. Our cardiologists perform coronary angiograms, angioplasties, orbital atherectomy, and stenting for coronary artery disease. In addition, we utilize the Impella device, the world’s smallest heart pump. The Impella helps support the patient during high risk coronary stenting, when the heart is too weak to do the work itself. 

Furthermore, the Heart & Vascular Center is a leader in treating peripheral vascular disease and limb salvage. Our physicians have a single minded commitment to treating PVD and helping patients return to their everyday lives. Using the latest technology, we offer orbital and directional atherectomy, stenting, and drug eluting balloons.

Cardiothoracic Surgery

Our cardiothoracic surgeon is available 24 hours a day, for the times when further treatment is needed. We are able to provide coronary bypass, valve repair and replacements, peripheral bypass, aneurysm repair, and carotid endarterectomy. In our surgery center, we are able to perform many pulmonary procedures such as lobe resections, lymph node removal and biopsies, and video assisted thoracotomy. We are often able to perform bypass surgery “off pump”. During a “off pump” coronary artery bypass surgery, the heart is not stopped and the patient is not put on a cardiopulmonary bypass machine (heart-lung machine). This technique, under the skilled hands of our surgeon, decreases the patient’s time under anesthesia and their hospital stay. Additionally, it reduces the risk of stroke, renal failure, and bleeding. We also offer a surgical treatment for atrial fibrillation.

Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation

Our AACVPR accredited Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation program helps heart procedure and chronic respiratory disease patients thrive. Working with specialized staff, cardiac patients are able to obtain exercise training, education, and counseling to help reduce the risk of recurrent visits to the hospital. Pulmonary Rehabilitation can be an integral part in management and maintenance of patients suffering from chronic respiratory disease. Our program offers many exercise and education options, supervised by highly trained staff, in a beautiful setting. The Cardiopulmonary Rehab Unit offers cardiopulmonary stress tests and pulmonary function tests to help your physician make treatment decisions.  For patients that have exhausted the standard treatment options for revascularization, we also offer EECP (enhanced external counterpulsation) to reduce persistent stable angina.

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