Mon, November 02, 2015 -- Hutchinson Regional Healthcare System

Dr. John Simpson, an internationally recognized pioneer, innovator and authority on interventional cardiology visited Hutchinson Regional Medical Center (HRMC) on Friday (June 19) for consultations with the hospital’s Heart and Vascular Team.

During his visit to HRMC, Simpson met with physicians and staff of the Heart and Vascular Center, including Dr. Mike Hagley, Chief of Staff-Elect at the hospital, who is a long-time colleague.

Simpson’s visit to Hutchinson was his only scheduled stop in Kansas.

In a Friday morning news conference, Simpson lauded HRMC’s Heart and Vascular Center for what he called “exceptional treatments” for the patients they serve.

“It is very apparent that great things are being done in cardiovascular treatments at Hutchinson Regional Medical Center,” Dr. Simpson said.

Simpson spoke of a device he developed that allows a cardiologist to insert a fiber optics camera into an artery to view damaged areas while a companion instrument repairs the arterial damage.

“The process allows us to clean and repair the arteries and re-establish blood flow without causing further damage, a process that may eventually replace

a procedure known as stenting,” Simpson said.

Hagley joined Simpson at the news conference and spoke of his long association with the California interventional cardiologist.

“Dr. Simpson is humble man who has dedicated his career to treating cardiovascular disease and is the one individual responsible for developing interventional cardiology,” Hagley said.

“His treatment methods have successfully reduced traumatizing problem areas in treating cardiovascular issues,” Hagley continued.

“Dr. Simpson has been in the forefront of peripheral arterial treatments and Hutchinson Regional Medical Center has, for a number of years, benefited from several of the devices that were developed under his leadership,” Hagley continued. 

Simpson established several companies that are producing products utilized in the medical field including software, hardware and interventional cardiovascular devices.

He serves as a professor of Clinical Medicine at Stanford University and is Staff Cardiologist at Sequoia Hospital in Redwood City, California.

Dr. Simpson is a graduate of the Duke University Medical School and completed his fellowship in interventional cardiology at Stanford University.

Jeremy Taylor, Director of Heart and Vascular and Imaging Services at HRMC, said the Heart and Vascular Center is honored that a physician of Dr. Simpson’s stature visited Hutchinson Regional Medical Center.

“We are having lengthy discussions with Dr. Simpson in an effort to explore if additional utilization of his medical devices may be advantageous in providing the best in cardiovascular treatments to the patients we serve,” Taylor said. “Dr. Simpson has few equals in the world of cardiovascular treatment and we hope to benefit from his vast knowledge and expertise for treatment of our patients at HRMC.”

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