Midwest Transplant Network Recognizes Hutchinson Regional Medical Center for Tissue Donations

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Tue, April 23, 2019 -- Hutchinson Regional Healthcare System

The Midwest Transplant Network (MTN) has recognized Hutchinson Regional Medical Center (HRMC) with the Excellence in Tissue Conversion Award for 2018 in recognition of the hospital’s efforts to promote tissue donations.

Hospitals receiving the Excellence in Tissue Donation Award had at least 15 eligible tissue donors with more than 40 percent of families granting authorization, statistics that were exceeded by Hutch Regional.

MTN officials held a ceremony in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Courtyard which included a reading of the first names of 28 donors followed by a candle lighting ceremony in memory of those who gave a part of their life to continue life of others. Grains of sand symbolizing the many people impacted by the donors were sprinkled into a vase which will remain at Hutch Regional to be filled with colored sand during future annual award presentations. An original piece of art created by Jody Ayers, a glass artist in the Kansas City area was presented to Hutch Regional in honor of the hospital’s efforts promoting tissue donations.

Amanda Hullet, Vice President of Patient Care Services for Hutchinson Regional Medical Center, said the need for tissue and organ donations is far greater than those received, perhaps by as much as 400 percent. “It is very gratifying that for nearly 50 years HRMC has been on the leading edge of facilitating tissue and donor transplants for those who wish to participate in this national program,” Hullet said. “Continuing these efforts is very important to Hutch Regional.”

In addition to Hutch Regional, 13 Kansas and Missouri hospitals that were honored, a list including the Overland Park Medical Center and Ascension Via-Christi Saint Francis Hospital of Wichita.

The MTN is headquartered in Westwood and serves hospitals in Kansas and the western two-thirds of Missouri.