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New lab equipment speeds up diagnosis

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Two female doctors analizing computer charts

The staff at Hutchinson Regional Medical Center Laboratory is excited about the installation of advanced testing technology that will allow physicians to more quickly make a diagnosis of central nervous system infections.

The Biofire FilmArray M/E panel is a molecular test capable of detecting and identifying multiple bacterial, viral, and yeast organisms commonly associated with meningitis and encephalitis. This test will allow quicker test results and treatment for the patient – and a timelier targeted medical intervention against potentially fatal illnesses. This test is an addition to our current molecular menu for blood and respiratory illnesses.  

On the first patient sample tested, the HRMC laboratory was able to report a positive result to the physician within two hours. Previously, similar tests would’ve taken 2-3 days to report a result. This technological advancement allows physicians to quickly and more effectively manage a patient’s treatment and antimicrobial therapy.

Additionally, the HRMC laboratory has completed installation of a new urinalysis instrument that provides accurate, detailed, and rapid results, while requiring less manual examination. 

The Arkray Aution Hybrid AU-4050 urinalysis instrument performs multi-layered testing that is both efficient and specific. The accuracy of the instrument reduces the need to manually inspect specimens microscopically, which shortens the time between when a sample is collected and the results being provided to the physician.

HRMC continually strives to improve patient outcome and satisfaction. These investments in new advanced technologies provide detailed laboratory information to physicians faster, which allows them to quickly develop the best treatment plans for their patients.