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Wes is Going "Over" Again

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Wed, May 02, 2018 -- Hutchinson Regional Healthcare System
Wes Hoyt Over the Edge

Join our Chief Operating Officer, Wes Hoyt, and the United Way in giving to an outstanding organization that reaches so many people and does so much good for our community. Let Wes go "Over the Edge" for you and help reach even more people and strengthen the bonds of our community. Together everyone achieves more. Let's form a team and be a part of the solution.

Donate to Send Wes Over the Edge!

The United Way responds to the needs of the local community while simultaneously addressing the root causes of key issues. They do this by inspiring and uniting the power of individuals, the business community, and the public and nonprofit sectors around common goals. They are able to drive real community impact in our neighborhoods and local communities and are working to ensure that every individual and family is able to achieve educational success, financial stability and good health.